Exploring a new perspective for the Lieder tradition, DIVAN OF SONG abandons the accustomed focus and reflects the changing cultural world order of our time.

Evolving through hundreds of years, classical compositions for voice and piano have reached an immense stylistical variety and opened up to all languages. Today, composers, poets and performers from all parts of the world feel deeply connected with this genre.

A hybrid melting pot of language and music, song composition has always had the potential of transcending national and cultural barriers and became an exciting medium of art to reach out to distant regions and spheres and to express all modes of individuality, regardless of internal and external limitations.

In a world of constant conflict and polarization, DIVAN OF SONG intends to create more substantial relationships among "strangers", to initiate new ways of reflective perception of the "strange" in ourselves and others.

Presenting innovative concert programmes... inaugurating commissions for new song compositions... introducing new writings and poetry... inviting young talented artists... supporting new editions, researches, meetings and discussions...

In its unlimited diversity of activities, DIVAN OF SONG creates a rich bazaar of sounds, voices, works and ideas that inspire a new quality of intercultural discourse in the field of vocal music.